At Kollin Altomare Architects, we strive to be partners with the community we serve and give back to our local neighborhood whenever possible. We had a great opportunity to work with local children last week when KAA’s Trifon Metodiev and Bryan Pliez visited Rogers Middle School to present at their 6th annual Career Day. This year marked Kollin Altomare Architects’ fourth year of participation in this wonderful event that brings together children, teachers and the local business community.


Trifon and Bryan gave presentations to two classes of 8th graders at Rogers, and discussed the education required to become an architect, as well as the responsibilities and duties architects have every day. At the end of the presentation, students were given paper and time to create a drawing of any type of architecture they chose. All of the students’ drawings are included in the image album below. Thanks to Bryan and Trifon, we just may have some future architects who never considered this dynamic career before!