Project Name: THE TAP ROOM
Project Status: COMPLETED 2010

"The now-open Tap Room takes its name from the original hotel bar, which made its debut in the 1930s. The space, most recently known just as "The Bar," now boasts contemporary decor set within the room's original dark wood paneling and deep crown molding.

The new look makes the place seem less like a wealthy grandma’s parlor and more like what it should be: a seductive, big-city hotel lounge. Well-spaced couches and upholstered chairs remain for those who cherish privacy, but the new centerpiece, a curvy, three-pronged couch, nearly guarantees interaction. With cocktail tables that look like oversized chess pieces, the big brass chandelier dipped in white enamel and tree stumps for tables on the airy and bright terrace, the once-stuffy bar reveals a sense of humor and a fresh new menu."
~ Valli Harman (11-10-2010), Los Angeles Times